Message from chair no. 10

The situation regarding COVID-19 appears to be getting better in many countries. During the last two and half years, InterRidge has suffered a lot. Only about 60% of the membership fee was collected. A crisis is often followed by a new opportunity. The pandemic has taught us a lesson that InterRidge needs to change. InterRidge was created in the early 90s when many countries had their own national mid-ocean ridge research program. But this is no longer the case. Many programs have also turned to applied as opposed to basic scientific discoveries. It is hoped that the planning for the Next (fourth) Decadal Plan (2024-2033) will be an opportunity for a new direction. We need to review what was achieved during the Third Decadal Plan and what needs to be continued. New ideas should be added, and new directions should be set. A call will be made for volunteers from member countries through national representatives in the Steering Committee after Fall AGU (December 2022).

On September 31, Dr. Satish Singh of IPGP France visited Seoul National University and the InterRidge Office. Among various topics during his talk, I was particularly impressed by the recent developments in the study of fracture zones. See the below photo.


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