Earlier this year, InterRidge established a Reform Committee to evaluate how our organization operates in a rapidly changing world. When InterRidge started in the early 90s, many countries had their own national programs to conduct long-term investigations of mid-ocean ridges, and thus coordination among national programs was important. However, this is no longer the case, and if there is a national program, it is often closely related to possible seafloor mining and other applications. Despite several attempts to make small changes in the way InterRidge operates, including the 2014 and 2017 reforms, these efforts were not sufficient to make InterRidge more sustainable and inclusive.

To make necessary and significant changes to InterRidge, the InterRidge Office in Korea will extend its operation until the end of the year, as recommended by the Reform Committee, to codify InterRidge laws and practices in writing. We also plan to document the new Next Decadal Plan (2024-2033) of InterRidge science and operations within this timeframe. On April 18, the Steering Committee approved the extension of the Korean Office so that important reforms can be implemented. We appreciate your interest and commitment to keeping mid-ocean ridge and deep-sea science alive and thriving.

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