Last week, John Chen and Jian Lin of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, China, expressed their interest in becoming the host of the next InterRidge Office. They are working to establish a new university, Shenzhen Ocean University (SOU), supported by the city of Shenzhen. The goal of the new university is in line with the mission of InterRidge, that is, to advance science through international collaboration. InterRidge Office of Korea officially ends on April 30, 2023. I have called for a Steering Committee Meeting on February 27 or 28 to discuss and hopefully decide on the proposal by Jian Lin. For your information, at the moment, Korea and China are the only countries with principal membership and can be the host of InterRidge. During the Steering Committee Meeting, we will also hear from the Reform Committee that was set up to hear the voice of young scientists and adapt to this new global era where not many countries have a national mid-ocean ridge program dedicated to science (as opposed to practical development). InterRidge was created in the late 80s when many countries had their national mid-ocean ridge science programs, and the role of InterRidge was to coordinate different national programs to understand the global system. However, in recent decades, application and development have become the goal in many countries.

Because of a busy schedule this February and difficulty finding volunteer speakers, the monthly Webinar of February will be conducted in early March, after Steering Committee Meeting and discussion on the proposal from China to host the next InterRidge office.

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