New themed volume of G3 on slow-spreading ridges

Submissions are encouraged for a new themed volume of G-cubed (G3): “Life, energy and material cycles at slow-spreading ridges" (Theme Editors: Colin Devey, Nicole Dubilier, Jian Lin, Nadine Le Bris and Doug Connelly). Visit the G3 theme: THEME DESCRIPTION: This theme is intended to provide a focus for results of recent studies on slow-spreading ridges globally. Because of their complex interplay between magmatism, tectonism and hydrothermalism, determining fundamental principles of how slow-spreading ridges and their associated ecosystems work has required time-consuming and costly studies of relatively large areas of the seafloor, often with remotely-operated or autonomous vehicles. The first fruits of a new generation of such studies are now becoming available. This theme should showcase and assemble these results. CLOSING DATE: October 2011 Note that G3 publishes each manuscript independently.