SCOR General Meeting 2008

10/22/2008 08:00
10/24/2008 08:00

XXIXth SCOR General Meeting 2008
22-24 October 2008, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
To be held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, following the SCOR 50th Anniversary Symposium.

One of the proposals for a new SCOR Working Group is an outcome of the 2007 InterRidge IRTI on Biogeochemical Interactions at Hydrothermal Vents. Click here for the proposal on the SCOR website. The proposal, titled "Hydrothermal energy transfer and its impact on the ocean carbon cycles," was submitted by Nadine Le Bris (France) and Chris German (USA) as co-chairs of a diverse group of proposed members. If you are interested in more information, please contact Nadine ( or Chris ( Each proposal will be evaluated by national SCOR committees in terms of scientific merit and quality, timeliness, and achievability of the proposed terms of reference. SCOR tentatively plans to start two new working groups in 2009, pending availability of adequate funding.

Contact: Ed Urban (