2012 Update

• An initial working group planning meeting is scheduled during the International Geological Congress (IGC) Meeting in Brisbane (6-10 August, 2012)
 Members are involved in convening themes/symposia at the IGC 2012:
o Theme: Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes (Large, de Ronde)
o Symposium: Volcanic and basin-hosted ores (Fe, Zn-Pb, Cu, U) (Gemmell, de Ronde, Bull, Leach) 
o Symposium: Marine minerals in Oceania (Cronan, de Ronde, Exon)
o Symposium: Subduction zone magmatism including a special session on magmatism in the SW Pacific (Wysoczanski, Handler, Wilson) 
o Symposium: Plate tectonics, plate-mantle coupling and associated deformation (Seton, Iaffaldano) 
o Theme: A Dynamic Earth (Müller)

o Symposium: Linking deep earth to plate tectonic and surface processes (Müller, Gurnis, Zhao)
• Members are involved in convening a session at the AGU 2012 Fall Meeting on “The Dynamics of Island Arcs and Backarc Spreading Centers” (Wiens, Seama, Stern, Seton)
• Members are involved in organising the SW Pacific IODP workshop to be held at the University of Sydney (9-11 October, 2012).  The workshop aims to bring together ~70 scientists actively involved in research in the SW Pacific for the purpose of planning an IODP submission. The workshop is being organized by Exon, Seton, Gallagher and funded through the IODP-MI, Ocean Leadership and ANZIC.  Interridge working group members will be encouraged to attend the workshop.
• Members were involved in organizing a workshop on “Mariana Vent Larvae (MarVeL)” to discuss studies of connectivity between deep-sea hydrothermal vents which was held in Okinawa, Japan between 10-11 May, 2012.  The workshop was organized by Beaulieu, Mitarai, Watanabe and funded by the NSF and OIST.
• University of Sydney is hosting a workshop between 7-8 June, 2012 on “plate configurations in SE Asia based on evidence from the deep earth” organized by Müller, Suppe, Wu.
• Established joint supervision of an honours project between GNS (de Ronde) and the University of Sydney on arc volcanism in the Kermadec region
• Website is currently under construction as a portal for more detailed information about the working group.  A link will be made available from the InterRidge website.