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Marine National Facility (MNF) Call for Applications 2015-16

The new Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator will be available for research in Australia's regional seas and oceans in 2015-2016.  Under direction of an independent Steering Committee, the vessel is owned and operated by CSIRO.

Cruise Dispatches

R/V Roger Revelle at NE Lau Basin

New black smokers discovered at Niua South Volcano. News from the current expedition at:

Cruise dispatches from NW Rota Expedition 2009

Expedition to NW Rota 2009
April 3-17, 2009, R/V Thompson, Chief Scientist Bill Chadwick
Join scientists from the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan as they explore a submarine volcano with ROV Jason II.

Inactive Hydrothermal Vent Field Discovered at the Southwest Indian Ridge 50.5ºE

The 5th leg of the 2008 Chinese DY115-20 expedition on board R/V Dayangyihao has successfully discovered an inactive hydrothermal vent field at 50.4671°E, 37.6579°S on the ultraslow-spreading Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR). This inactive hydrothermal field is located on the shallowest portion of Segment 27 of the SWIR west of the Gallieni Transform Fault, with relative low mantle Bouguer gravity anomaly (Sauter, et al., 2001). This newly found site is located in the middle of a ridge segment, where the rift valley disappears and the seafloor depth is 1739 m.

R/V Maria S. Merian cruise underway at Logatchev hydrothermal vent field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Cruise MSM 10/3 on board R/V Maria S. Merian is underway from 11 Jan - 13 Feb 2009, with scientists from Germany and France, led by Chief Scientist Nicole Dubilier (InterRidge Steering Committee Member). This cruise is part of the German Science Foundation’s Priority Program “From Mantle to Ocean” (SPP 1144) in which scientists are working together to better understand the geology, chemistry, and biology of hydrothermal vents on the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

ChEsSo cruise to the Southern Ocean

The ChEsSo cruise (JR224) on board RRS James Clark Ross is underway from 12 Jan - 18 Feb 2009, exploring deep Antarctic waters for hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. Cruise PIs from the UK include Doug Connelly, Rob Larter (Chief Scientist), Alex Rogers (InterRidge Steering Committee Member), and Paul Tyler (Co-Chair of the ChEss project of the Census of Marine Life).

First Active Hydrothermal Vent Fields Discovered at the Equatorial Southern East Pacific Rise

In August-September 2008, the third leg of the 2008 Chinese DY115-20 expedition on board R/V DayangYihao has successfully discovered, for the first time, active hydrothermal vent fields on the fast-spreading Southern East Pacific Rise (SEPR) near the equator. This expedition follows the work of a 2005 expedition by R/V DayangYihao, during which water column turbidity anomalies were measured in the region.

FLEXE (From Local to Extreme Environments) Education & Outreach opportunity

Lau Basin cruise featured on GLOBE educational website (16 May – 8 June 2009):
Press release:

A cruise to the Lau Basin, led by PIs Fisher, Luther and Girguis (USA) will be featured on the GLOBE website as part of the NSF-funded FLEXE (From Local to Extreme Environments) project. GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is a web-based international science education program that joins scientists, students, and teachers in 110 countries in studying Earth Systems Science. Approximately 1500 students in four countries are currently involved in a pilot of on-line components and instructional materials, and will be tuning in to follow this cruise via the website. The site features log entries, blogs, podcasts, and a live webstreamed phone call from students at GLOBE HQ to scientists and crew mid-cruise.*

InterRidge has partnered with the FLEXE (From Local to Extreme Environments) project, a GLOBE Earth System Science Project ( FLEXE provides an opportunity for ridge-crest scientists to be involved with education and outreach to teachers and students in their native countries and across the globe. The FLEXE Program tested an Energy Unit in 2007 and is now soliciting teachers to pilot an extended version of this unit beginning in early 2009. A second unit on ecology is in development.

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