InterRidge activities are initiated within the international ridge crest research community, overseen by the InterRidge Steering Committee and the InterRidge Chair and coordinated through the InterRidge Office. InterRidge is designed to serve national and international programs, individuals and groups around the world engaged in ridge crest research.


What Services Does InterRidge Provide?

Project Coordination
  • The InterRidge Office provides scientific and logistical coordination for InterRidge projects.

  • Promote communication and exchange of information and ideas amongst members of the international ridge crest research community.
  • By organising and facilitating meetings and workshops around scientific themes, InterRidge provides a venue for identification and discussion of the scientific issues of chief concern to the community.

Disseminate information

InterRidge edits and publishes:

Meeting and Workshop Reports - These reports serve not only to communicate the proceedings of workshops and meetings to members of the community, but also as a vehicle for recommendations to various national and international research and funding agencies.

InterRidge News - This annual newsletter is distributed free to members of the ridge crest research community. It contains:

  • reports on recent ridge crest cruises

  • updates on international cooperative research projects

  • news from national and international research programmes

  • various announcements and notices pertaining to ridge crest research

  • an up to date schedule of ridges crest cruises.

World Wide Web - InterRidge maintains this website with updated information and announcement, publication listings, and links to other programs.

InterRidge maintains databases:

  • A database of international cruises to the ridge crest as well as the global database for hydrothermal vents are accessible via the InterRidge website.

International Ridge Researcher Directory

  • The InterRidge Office maintains an electronic database of international ridge crest researchers that is accessible from the InterRidge website. The directory lists the fields of interest of each researcher as well as their full coordinates (address, telephone, fax, e-mail).
Terms of Reference

Procedural guidelines can be read here.