InterRidge Cruise Travel Bursary - new award

The InterRidge Office is pleased to announce that it has awarded a cruise travel bursary to Adam Schaen. Adam is studying geochemistry at Bridgewater State University, USA and will be collaborating with Dr. Wolfgang Bach, University of Bremen, on a research cruise to the Eastern Manus Basin. During this collaboration, isobaric gas-tight samplers will be used to collect high-temperature vent fluids, which will undergo chemical and isotopic analysis. Adam will study how interactions between rocks and vent fluid-seawater mixtures modify the compositions of diffuse fluids. 



If you are an early-career scientist wanting to develop your studies on a cruise, or you are an established scientist wanting to build collaborations with young scientists from abroad, please find more information and an application form at:  

We are looking to support individuals up to $2000, enabling them to travel to cruise embarkation ports and the homeward journey.

Please direct any questions to: