Ridge 2000 Integration and Synthesis Workshop

10/01/2009 00:00
10/03/2009 15:00

Ridge 2000 Integration and Synthesis Workshop 2009:
Developing a holistic view of oceanic spreading center processes
St. Louis, Missouri, USA; October 1- 3, 2009
Abstracts available online:

The 2009 R2K workshop will focus on comparisons of results from
interdisciplinary studies and models generated from the three
Integrated Study Sites (ISS), Time Critical Studies, and research at
other oceanic spreading centers. The goal of the workshop will be to
integrate datasets and synthesize conceptual and empirical models of
oceanic spreading center processes. An important objective of the
workshop is to provide an opportunity for the Ridge 2000 community to
discuss and develop cross-ISS and interdisciplinary papers that
broaden the scope of individual Ridge 2000 studies.

The deadline for registration is June 30. All registered participants
must submit an abstract by July 15. Abstract text will be one-page
and must include two parts: (1) a half-page summary of research, and
(2) a half-page description of how results of the research could be
integrated with other datasets or models. An optional second page
with a figure or figures that illustrate(s) results relevant to
integration and synthesis is encouraged. If you would like to have
your abstract considered for a poster presentation, please indicate
keywords that can be used to organize the poster session, and please
select the button on the 'Abstract Submission' webpage that indicates
your interest in presenting a poster. Otherwise, your abstract
submission will be considered only for participation in the workshop.

Participants who wish to present a poster are encouraged to focus on
integration and synthesis within and across ISS. Researchers who
conduct collaborative or interdisciplinary research are particularly
encouraged to collaborate on poster presentations. Approximately 50
abstracts will be selected for poster presentations. Decisions will be
announced by August 1, 2009.

To register for the workshop, submit an abstract, and for more
information, please visit the meeting webpage on the R2K website: http://www.ridge2000.org/science/meetings/WorkshopInfo.php?workshopID=R2K09