R/V Atlantis OASES cruise to Mid-Cayman Rise

Beginning January 6, 2012, an international, interdisciplinary team of scientists will be spending nearly a month at sea aboard the R/V Atlantis and using the deep-diving, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Jason to explore and sample newly discovered hydrothermal fields (the Beebe vent site at 5000 m and Von Damm vent site at 2600m on the Mid-Cayman Rise—Earth’s deepest and one of its most slowly-spreading mid-ocean ridges. On board is one of InterRidge's 2011 Fellows - Dr Eoghan Reeves.

Follow the Oases 2012 expedition online: http://oases2012.blogspot.com/

The Oases 2012 cruise and previous cruises to the Mid-Cayman Rise is a joint venture between the US and UK funded by NSF with additional support from NASA and NERC.