2008 Update

Mantle Imaging
Working Group Update 2008

Chair - N. Seama (Kobe Univ., Japan)

The WG for Mantle Imaging was formed in 2008 and currently includes members from 4 countries (China, France, Japan, and USA). Our WG membership is still being developed.
The key scientific questions to be addressed by imaging the mantle beneath spreading centers are: 1) clarifying mantle dynamics associated with different ridge systems, and
2) identifying the parameters controlling various lithospheric features at different types of ridge systems. High quality images of the mantle structure beneath spreading centers can only be achieved through international collaboration, because large-scale seismic and electromagnetic experiments in the same area are required. Several members of our WG will meet in association with a symposium on “Deep Slab and Mantle Dynamics” in February 2009 in Kyoto, Japan.