GEOTRACES Workshop Pacific Basin Cruise Planning Meeting

06/26/2007 12:00
06/29/2007 12:00

GEOTRACES Workshop Pacific Basin Cruise Planning Meeting – Hawaii 26-29 June 2007

GEOTRACES will host a planning workshop to define the scientific objectives, and to develop a strategy to achieve those objectives, for the Pacific Ocean. The workshop will be held at the University of Hawaii, on 26-29 June 2007.

The goal of the workshop is to refine the scientific objectives developed in the GEOTRACES science plan (available from, and place those objectives into a framework of specific ocean sections and process studies. An important aspect of the workshop is to identify nations that are prepared to take the lead in carrying out specific cruises as elements of the broader basin-scale plan. Individuals who are prepared to organize research cruises and to secure funding to support those cruises are particularly encouraged to participate.

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research can offer funds to assist with travel expenses of participants coming from developing nations. In addition, we anticipate that GEOTRACES will be able to offer a travel subsidy to plenary speakers and working group chairs. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have funds to reimburse travel expenses for other participants.

If you wish to participate in the Pacific planning workshop or would like additional information about it, or if you simply wish to be kept informed about GEOTRACES Pacific planning activities, then send an e-mail to indicating your interest.

Best wishes,
Bob Anderson and Gideon Henderson, co-chairs, GEOTRACES SSC