Call for bids to host the next InterRidge Office, 2010-2012

Call for bids to host the next InterRidge Office, 2010-2012
Submission deadline: 31 March 2009
In January 2010 the InterRidge Office is due to rotate under the appointment of a new Chair. All interested Members of InterRidge are invited to submit bids to host the new office and nominations for the new Chair. The full call for bids is posted here.

The following conditions apply:
The InterRidge Office will be located at the home institution of the selected Chair. Only
Principal Members of InterRidge are eligible to host the Office and the InterRidge Chair (bids will be accepted from those countries who are not currently Principal Members, if the bid is accompanied by an undertaking to become a Principal Member by 1 January 2010). The period of tenure of the Chair is normally three years. Each bid should be submitted through the National Representative on the Steering Committee. Each country may submit more than one bid, on the understanding that the Member will accept the decision of the Steering Committee as final. Bids should be sent to the InterRidge Office by 31 March 2009. The final decision on the bids will be made at the InterRidge Steering Committee meeting to be held in July 2009. The Steering Committee may seek further information and/or negotiate with Members who have submitted bids before making a final decision.

Bids should be about 5 to 10 pages in length, and should include a brief supporting case together with the following:
• The name and institution of the proposed Chair, who should be active in ridge research and have an international reputation;
• A statement of the resources that will be available to the Office, including office space and communications links and commitment of the hosting institution/country to contribute yearly funding equivalent of one Principal Member;
• A statement of the services it is proposed to offer. The level of service should not be less than that offered by the current Office;
• A proposed budget, to include Office costs (e.g., Coordinator’s salary, running costs of the Office, travel costs for Office personnel, Office set-up costs) and InterRidge activity costs (e.g., funds for workshops, travel, student awards, education and outreach);
• A statement of the proposed Chair’s vision for the period of office and a copy of the proposed Chair’s CV.

Bids should be submitted electronically to the InterRidge Coordinator: More information can be obtained from the IR Coordinator or from the IR Chair, Jian Lin (