Sea Tech Week - Brest 2008

10/13/2008 00:00
10/17/2008 16:00

Sea Tech Week, 13 - 17 October 2008, Brest, France
International Marine Science and Technology Week

Sea Tech Week is held every two years in Brest and brings together over a thousand conference-goers, scientists, industrialists and world specialists from a variety of disciplines. The event provides a multidisciplinary forum based around top-level conferences and workshops.

The foremost themes for the sixth such event are – renewable marine energy, maritime safety, operational oceanography, maritime law, governance and economics, marine surveillance and marine technology and biotechnology.

Session of interest to InterRidge:
13 October: Deep sea exploration: instrumentation, scientific and industrial applications

Sea Tech Week is also a professional trade fair. An exhibition at the heart of the conference space provides a showcase for companies and laboratories shaping today’s marine technology, as well as an opportunity for industry professionals to promote their expertise to a target audience, and to establish new business contacts.