SubSeaTECH 2009 - International Conference on Subsea Technologies

06/22/2009 10:00
06/25/2009 15:00

SubSeaTECH 2009
International Conference on Subsea Technologies
22-25 June, 2009, St-Petersburg, Russia

First Announcement and Pre-Registration
International conference SubSeaTECH2009 will be held in St-Petersburg from 22 through 25 June 2009 and is timed at the 4th International Maritime Defense Show. SubSeaTECH2009 is organized by St-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (BIMarEST) with participation of St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU) and the Scientific and Technical Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation, and in association with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT, UK).

Call for Papers
Papers are invited on the following subjects related to subsea technologies:
1. Underwater Vehicles (Concepts, Design, Construction)
1.1. Autonomous (manned and unmanned)
1.2. Remotely operated
1.3. Hybrid
1.4. Hardsuits

2. Subsystems of Underwater Vehicles
2.1. Sources of power (batteries, fuel cells, other)
2.2. Propulsion
2.3. Hydrodynamics
2.4. Strength and materials
2.5. Maneuvering, control and positioning
2.6. Navigation complexes

3. Applications of Underwater Vehicles
3.1. Subsea research
3.2. Salvage operations
3.3. Inspection
3.4. Pipeline-, cable-, and fish tracking
3.5. Port security matters
3.6. Leisure and tourism
3.7. Archaeological

4. Subsea Production and Transportation Systems
4.1. Sea mining (oil & gas, other minerals)
4.2. Subsea risers
4.3. Subsea pipelines and cables
4.4. Ecological safety of subsea environment
4.5. Sea energy generators
4.6. Sea farming
4.7. Carbon sequestration