IODP Call for Scientific Ocean Drilling Proposals

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) explores Earth's history, structure, dynamics and deep biosphere through seafloor drilling, coring and downhole measurements. Multiple drilling platforms - operated by three partners in the USA, Japan, and Europe - include riser drilling technology, and permit operations in a variety of environments. Approximately two years of drilling currently remain before the current phase of IODP ends in 2013. Truly innovative and mature proposals can still be incorporated into the current drilling program. Proposals submitted but not implemented before the end of the current program will form an important basis for program renewal (2013-2023) and will be carried forward. Proposals may target themes and initiatives outlined in the IODP Initial Science Plan (ISP): the deep biosphere and the subseafloor ocean; environmental change, processes, and effects; and solid Earth cycles and geodynamics. See the ISP at

Preliminary proposals for new and innovative projects that can influence the program beyond its renewal are encouraged, as are ancillary project letters that may take advantage of drilling platform transit interims (between expeditions). Full proposals are also welcome. The next submission deadline is 1 October 2008. Submissions will be evaluated by the IODP Science Advisory Structure. Further details are posted at Email questions to