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Please review - revised Working Group meeting report

Dear InterRidge Seafloor Mineralization Working Group,

Maurice just provided me with the revised version of the report for your meeting on April 3. I posted the file here for your review:

Please feel free to submit comments to Maurice (, the IR office (, or here on the WG discussion page.

We would like to provide the report to the ISA folks next Monday, May 18, at the start of the LTC meeting and prior to the annual session.

Best regards,

final version posted on InterRidge website

Dear InterRidge Seafloor Mineralization Working Group,

I posted the final version of the report for your recent meeting as a "News" item on the InterRidge website:

You can also access this webpage from your Working Group link (right side of InterRidge homepage).

I would like to announce the report in next Monday's biweekly e-news (June 1), and I also would like to email the URL link to the report to all participants at the recent deep-sea mining workshop.

Please let me know if you see any errors or anything that needs to be changed in the final report.

Thank you very much, and best regards,