Daily dispatches from multi-disciplinary cruise to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

A multi-disciplinary cruise aboard the R/V Revelle with ROV Jason II is underway at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from 9 July - 8 August 2008. The cruise includes three science teams, led by scientists Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Jeff Seewald, and Bill Seyfried and Kang Ding from the USA. Participants also come from China, Portugal, Russia, and The Netherlands. They will study the geochemistry, geology, microbiology, and biology of the Rainbow, Lucky Strike, Lost City, and Snake Pit vent sites.
Tune into the cruise website for daily dispatches: http://www.deepseavoyage.research.pdx.edu/.

In preparation for the cruise, InterRidge Working Group Chair Javier Escartin uploaded new information including GIS files for the MoMAR region to the MoMAR website: http://www.momar.org. The MoMAR'08 cruise onboard NO l'Atalante will take place in August and September, with a first Leg at Lucky Strike (PI: J. Escartin) and a second Leg at Rainbow (PI: J. Dyment). The SISMOMAR'08 Cruise onboard NO Suroit (PI: W. Crawford) will also take place in August at the Lucky Strike segment.