R2K Community-Wide Science Meeting and MAR ISS Workshop

03/25/2008 10:00
03/28/2008 10:00

From 25-28 March 2008 the U.S. Ridge 2000 (R2K) Office will be hosting a two-day community-wide science meeting, followed by a two-day Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) Integrated Studies Site (ISS)-specific workshop in Portland, Oregon.
Registration deadline: 25 January 2008.

R2K community-wide science meeting

The Mantle to Microbe: Integrated Studies at Oceanic Spreading Centers meeting will be held Mar 25-26, 2008, in Portland, Oregon. The purpose of the meeting is in-depth scientific exchange, with emphasis on the interplay between various aspects of spreading and hydrothermal processes, and comparisons of the ecosystems, structure, and process rates at different sites. The first day includes several talks on interdisciplinary ridge science. The 2nd day has a series of short talks on specific sites, followed by a round-table discussion of inter-site comparisons. All participants are encouraged to bring a poster with their own results to discuss with colleagues during an evening session. The meeting agenda and a link to online registration are available at: http://ridge2000.org/science/meetings/WorkshopInfo.php?workshopID=spring08.  All ridge scientists are invited to apply since the processes under discussion are relevant beyond R2K-specific study sites.

R2K Mid-Atlantic Ridge ISS Implementation Plan workshop

U.S. scientists interested in research along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, ~35°-37.5°N should plan to attend this workshop on March 27-28, 2008 to develop an Implementation Plan for R2K work at a new Integrated Studies Site. Discussions will include ways R2K work can best complement ongoing InterRidge efforts at MoMAR sites as well as consideration of any specific collaborations that would enhance overall outcomes via joint R2K-InterRidge investigation. Both US and international InterRidge participants are welcome to apply.  The meeting agenda and a link to online registration are available at: http://ridge2000.org/science/meetings/WorkshopInfo.php?workshopID=MAR_IMP08.

For more meeting information, contact the Ridge 2000 Office:
Email: ridge2000@ucsd.edu