ECORD Training Course 2020

ECORD Training Course 2020

20 - 24 April 2020 at the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR), University of Bremen, Germany.

The Training Course

As host to one of only three IODP core repositories in the world – the only one in Europe – the MARUM in Bremen is an important hub for marine geoscientists. Taking advantage of this setting, the new ECORD Training Course will provide a “Virtual Drillship Experience” for scientists from academia and industry. This one-week course offers a basic training focusing on the IODP core flow procedures, preparing the participants for participating in an offshore drillship expedition, and instilling them with an appreciation for high standards in all kinds of coring projects. IODP-style lab exercises will form the foundation of the ECORD Training Course following the pattern of the unique “Virtual Ship” approach developed for the Bremen ECORD Summer Schools.

The training course will focus on:

- Introduction to IODP and ECORD

- Virtual shipboard work at BCR/MARUM:

- Physical properties - core logging, Sediment visual core description and smear slide analysis, high-resolution linescan imaging and color scanning, Biostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, and Geochemistry

- Introductory seminars to general shipboard activities:

- Core splicing and time-series analysis, Downhole Logging Integration, Data Management.

- Interactive session on defining drilling targets and strategies including drilling proposal writing.

The participants will be early career and established scientists from academia and industry from all over the world who have an interest in scientific drilling and development of professonial skills in core analysis.

How to apply - Application form

Please fill in the following form in order to apply for the ECORD Training Course.

The application deadline is 17 January 2020. To ensure a most effective training the maximum number of participants will be limited to 30.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail about admission until the end of January. After receiving the acceptance letter, admitted participants will have to confirm their participation.


The ECORD Training Course is organized by Dr. Ursula Röhl, Head of the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR), and by Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln, Graduate Dean of the Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences (GLOMAR).


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