1st workshop of the IR WG on MOR Islands and Seamounts - call for abstracts

The 1st international workshop organized by the InterRidge Working Group on MOR Islands and Seamounts will be held between 19 and 21 September 2019, in Lisbon (Portugal). The workshop aims to identify priority areas for research in all aspects of islands and seamounts located near to ridges, including geological, oceanographic and biological aspects. Participation in the workshop is open to anybody outside the WG and will involve an extended poster session on the first day.

If you are joining us, please email abstracts before 30 June 2019 to one of the convenors (replace "at" with @): neil.mitchell "at" manchester.ac.uk, rui.quartau "at" hidrografico.pt or christoph.beier "at" helsinki.fi We welcome offers of presentations on completed research but also on future funded research on seamounts and islands or even proposed but as yet unfunded work.

Please use the attached abstract template, which includes some instructions.