PhD Thesis at the University of Lille (France)

Life-history traits of deep-sea siboglinids from arctic cold seeps: modelling approaches and bridging some gaps of knowledge in deep-ocean sciences

University: Université de Lille (France)

PhD supervisor : Sylvie Gaudron (UMR 8187 LOG)

Co-supervisors : Lionel Denis and collaboration with Starrlight Augustine (AKVAPLAN-NIVA, Norway)

Abstract :

The deep sea (representing 90% of our planet) hosts astonishing biodiversity that supports essential global ecosystem function and services that are under threat. However the life-history traits of most deep-sea benthic species are still poorly known. This PhD proposal has for objectives to acquire new scientific knowledge concerning the life-history traits of several Arctic symbiotic polychaetes of the Siboglinidae family that live in deep-sea chemosynthetic habitats. These are key ecosystem engineer species. Indeed these tubeworms inhabit methane cold seeps and reduce a potent green house gas: CH4 (methane) is consumed by their symbiotic bacteria. The new knowledge concerning deep-sea siboglinid life-history traits will be used to calibrate a bioenergetic model: the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model. The resulting DEB model and parameters will enable simulating growth, respiration and reproduction of the species over its full life-cycle under different environmental conditions. Understanding and quantifying the response of these species to current and possible future local conditions is essential if we want to evaluate its resilience within a habitat that is under threat and better understand its contribution to mitigating climate change. Very little data exists on deep-sea benthic species eco-physiology, which has made it challenging to understand how it grows, develops and reproduces. The DEB modelling approach is based on first principles and extensively tested and allows for inferring these little know aspects on the basis of life-history data.

Send a CV, a letter of interest and a reference letter for the 20 of May. Interviews will follow as for the full application on line to the school of doctorate the deadline is the 29 of May.

Contact :

Dr Sylvie Marylène Gaudron (Maître de Conférences Sorbonne Université HDR)

UMR8187 Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences (LOG)
Station marine de Wimereux (Université de Lille)
28 Avenue Foch
62930 Wimereux (FRANCE)
0033 (0)3 21 99 29 61
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