The Beinart lab at URI is looking for PhD and MSc students

The Beinart lab at University of Rhode Island (Graduate School of Oceanography) is looking for a PhD student interested in the ecology of bacterial-animal symbioses at hydrothermal vents. The project includes the opportunity to use genomics/metagenomics to examine the diversity, distribution, and population structure of the bacterial symbionts associated with hydrothermal vent animals, both in their free-living state in the environment and when associated with their hosts, as well as to assess patterns of symbiont association across host developmental stages. Applicants should have MSc and/or undergraduate degrees, with backgrounds in microbiology, bioinformatics, marine biology and/or computer science, and an interest in participating in a sea-going research cruise.
The Beinart lab is also broadly looking for Msc students interested in the ecology and physiology of the microbial symbionts of aquatic organisms. Applicants should have undergraduate degrees, with backgrounds in microbiology, bioinformatics, marine biology, biology, and/or computer science. Projects could involve assessing the diversity and physiology of the chemosynthetic symbionts associated with marine animals, or the prokaryotic symbionts of anaerobic protists. Projects will likely include, but are not limited to: analysis of genomic and transcriptomic sequences, as well as laboratory or shipboard physiological experiments.
Both positions include funding for tuition and salary. If interested, please send a short research interest statement and CV to Roxanne Beinart ( with the subject line “PhD position” or “Msc position”, as appropriate.