EGU session "Fluid circulation in magmatic hydrothermal systems"

we would like to draw your attention to session GD2.8/EMRP4.2 - "Fluid circulation in magmatic hydrothermal systems", taking place on the upcoming EGU General Assembly, 17 – 22 April 2016 in Vienna. Session description: Hydrothermal fluids that circulate in the crust in active volcanic areas on land and in the oceans efficiently mine heat from Earth`s interior, and play an important role in the formation of associated mineral deposits. Hydrothermal fluids undergo significant changes (e.g. temperature, fluid chemistry, mass fluxes) during recharge, both in the vicinity of the heat source at depth, and on their way back up to the surface through permeable fractures and faults. This session aims to better understand the processes and parameters that control these changes, such as mineral reactions, fluid phase transitions, nature of the heat source as well as crustal permeability and porosity. We are further interested in the interplay of hydrothermal fluid flow and the generation and alteration of new oceanic crust during seafloor spreading at Mid-Ocean Ridges. We invite contributions from all fields including numerical modelling, field observations and geophysical studies. This session should also provide an opportunity to discuss applications of hydrothermal flow modelling and new findings relevant to the formation of associated submarine and terrestrial hydrothermal ore deposits and geothermal energy exploitation. We especially encourage early career scientists to contribute to this session. Solicited speaker: Javier Escartin (IPGP, France) Abstracts can be submitted until January 13th 2016: