Review of Os isotope variation and model ages in ablyssal peridotite

Abyssal peridotites are of great interest to geoscientists because they provide direct information about the present-day Earth's mantle. Os isotope systems in abyssal peridotites are also interesting because Os is a highly siderophile and compatible element and so concentrates in the core in preference to the mantle, and in the mantle in preference to the crustal materials. In addition, Os in abyssal peridotites is not susceptible to metasomatism and alteration by sea water. In this review, we explain the advantages and details of using the model age of Re-Os system as a timing of Re depletion in mantle related rocks. We also present Os isotope ratios in abyssal peridotite whole rocks, and chromites and sulphides within abyssal peridotites from the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, and young ophiolites.