Associate Professor in Aqueous Geochemistry at the University of Bergen.

The Department of Earth Science at the university of Bergen ( invites applications for an Associate Professorship in Aqueous Geochemistry.

Requirements for qualification and duties

The Department of Earth Science has a large geo-analytical facility ( The successful candidate will be expected to take part in running and developing this facility. A solid background in analytical geochemistry is therefore an advantage. Experience with thermodynamic modelling and relevant experimental techniques are also desirable.


Experience and interest in seagoing field activity is an advantage. Furthermore, experience within international research collaboration and a well-developed international network would be an advantage, as would interests in coordination of research activities and strategic research planning.


Candidates must be able to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work and communicate with others in a team environment. The appointee will be expected to actively participate in his/her own research group, interact with the other research groups in the department, as well as contributing to the development of national and international activities.


Since most of the research funding comes from external sources, the successful candidate will be expected to attract external funding.


Teaching requirements etc.

The successful candidate will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in his/her area of expertise in the department, including undertaking related examination work. Likewise, the appointee will take part in the department’s educational programme both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. As part of his/her professional duties, the associate professor will also be required to supervise master and PhD students and present own research results at conferences and in international journals.


The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The successful applicant must be able to teach in Norwegian or one of the other Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her appointment.


Basic teaching training is also a requirement, but the successful applicant who does not have such competence at the time of his/her appointment will be offered training and will be required to produce evidence of such training within one year of the date of appointment. This deadline is extended to two years for the successful applicant who does not master a Scandinavian language at the time of appointment.


The holder of the position may be requested to undertake teaching, supervision and exam-related work outside the organisational unit they belong to, as stipulated in the general guidelines and rules provided by the University of Bergen.


At the University of Bergen teaching qualifications are to be given real weight in appointments to middle and top academic positions. Applicants must therefore produce evidence of their own teaching qualifications. This can be done by submitting, for instance:


  • evidence of completed teaching training
  • evaluation reports of the applicant's teaching
  • overview over scope and level of teaching
  • overview over supervision of post-graduate and doctoral candidates, and results obtained
  • student awards received
  • own teaching publications
  • own teaching compendia and material
  • reports showing participation in projects related to the development of teaching, such as alternative forms of teaching, supervision or teaching environments

The closing date for application is 30/03/2014.

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