Welcome from the China InterRidge Office by Chair and Co-Chair

On behalf of the InterRidge community, as the current InterRidge Chair and Co-Chair, we thank Bramley Murton, Jon Copley and Debbie Milton from the UK InterRidge Office for their leadership and great service to the InterRidge community during the past three years. Under their leadership the UK InterRidge Office has expanded IR national memberships by adding Canada and Portugal to the Associate Member list and has started new initiatives such as the cruise bursary scheme, which has benefited dozens of young students at the very beginning of their scientific career. Starting from January 1, 2013 the InterRidge Office has moved to Peking University for the next three years. 

As the Chair and Co-Chair and the IR Coordinator (name to be announced later) at the China InterRidge Office, we will cherish the success of InterRidge and put out a strong lead for the next three years. Continuing the current policies, we will devote substantial effort and resources into nurturing collaboration within the IR community, particularly involving developing countries and countries of emerging economies. We strongly believe that InterRidge should act as an active coordinator for facilitating the exchange of scientists and their ideas among the scientific community.

Finally, we need the support from all of you, the InterRidge community, and we will listen and communicate with you all throughout the tenure of the IR office in China. Let’s work together to evolve InterRidge to a new stage.

Thank you,

Y. John Chen and Jiabiao Li

Chair and Co-Chair
InterRidge at PKU, China