Call for new InterRidge Coordinator at Peking University, China

We are soliciting applications for a position as the Scientific Coordinator for InterRidge (IR) Office at Peking University, China. This is a 3-year appointment that could start as early as at January 1, 2013 when the current IR Office at Southampton, UK officially moves to Peking University, China and will end at December 31, 2015 when the IR Office will be rotated out of China. Qualifications for this position include a native English speaker, a recent Ph.D. preferentially majored in marine geoscience or bioscience, excellent writing and communication skills, well organized, etc. To make the job attractive we offer the IR coordinator a salary of 350,000 RMB per year (about $55,000 per year), which is more than twice the average salary of a full professor at Peking University. Up to half of the IR coordinator’s time could be used doing his/her own research as a postdoc at Peking University. 

Interested persons should send a letter of interest, CV, and three names (to whom a recommendation letter will be requested), by mid November, to:

Prof. Y. John Chen,
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics,
School of Earth and Space Sciences,
Peking University,
Beijing 100871,

A possible interview could be set up at the Fall AGU meeting at San Francisco, 3-7 December 2012.