Six InterRidge cruise bursary students currently on cruises

Six InterRidge-funded students are currently participating on cruises in the Pacific and Atlantic, courtesy of InterRidge's cruise bursary scheme.

Berta Biescas-Gorriz (Dalhousie University), Guillermo Bornstein and Jhon Fredy Mojica-Moncada (both at CSIC, Barcelona) are participating in Suzanne Carbotte's cruise to the Juan de Fuca plate as part of a complex program involving both the R/V Langseth and the R/V Oceanus. Details at:

Camilla Palmiotto (Italy), Ross Parnell-Turner (UK) and Alex Zheleznov (Russia) are on a cruise which is deploying 3 hydrophones in the equatorial Atlantic to complete an array of 8 hydrophones. Five hydrophones have already been deployed during NOAA servicing cruises of the PIRATA buoys. The array will be in place for approximately 2 years, monitoring the seismicity of this tectonically interesting region. During the cruise, multibeam bathymetry data will also be collected from along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in regions that currently are not mapped.

Details of the InterRidge cruise bursary scheme are at: