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In all cases, send a completed application form, ( CV and letter of support from your advisor to the InterRidge Coordinator


A forthcoming 27 day French-New Zealand research cruise is scheduled on l'Atalante for mid-2015. The cruise is called VESPA (Volcanic Evolution of South Pacific Arcs). It is a 27 day cruise, that will start and finish in Noumea, New Caledonia, sometime in the window 15 May-16 June 2015. 

It is basically a rock dredging cruise but will also do some shallow seismic and magnetic profile data acquisition. The aim of the cruise is to obtain submarine arc and backarc basin lavas that we can date and analyse. Their age, geochemistry and isotopic composition will help piece together the tectonic history of the backarc basins between New Zealand and New Caledonia. A Miocene backarc basin spreading ridge crest is among the sample targets for the cruise. 

The chief scientists Dr. Nick Mortimer of GNS, New Zealand and Dr Martin Patriat of IFREMER and have assembled a team of French and New Zealand scientists. But there are places for students and for other scientists and we would invite wider participation. 

Deadline Jan 31, 2015


The Chief Scientists on the OCEANOGRAFLUX cruise are offering  a spare berth to an early-career scientist and InterRidge is supporting this with a cruise bursary, which will pay for the person's flights and a hotel night if necessary. There are no other costs onboard.

The goal of the study is to track off-axis hydrothermal circulations using heat-flow measurements (about 250 POGO type measurements) and interstitial fluid chemistry in sediment cores (about 30 Küllenberg cores are planned). There will be also CHIRP processing during the transits. The study area is south Azores at 35 °N just south of Oceanographer FZ. The cruise is scheduled from June 9th to July 8th, but it could be shifted by a few days.

You can download the pdf of the project (in French... but you'll find an operations map) at this address:

If you need more details in some aspects, feel free to contact us.
Francis Lucazeau
Mathilde Cannat

Deadline: 19th March 2013


Request for berths:

Aquila Tawake, IR National Correspondent for SOPAC, has requested berth space on SMS cruises, to support selected Pacific Island Countries nationals' participation in deep sea mineral surveys as part of its capacity building initiative. Any participants will be funded by SOPAC. If you are on a cruise with spare berths and can offer this opportunity, please contact the InterRidge Office in the first instance (


Please note:There are no spare berths on the Polarstern cruise ANT-XXIX-6, 8th June 2013 until 12th August 2013