Workshop Reports

Reports from InterRidge-sponsored workshops


The third InterRidge Theoretical Institute


AGU Fall Meeting 2012
InterRidge sponsored two sessions at this meeting:
- Fast moving research at slow spreading ridges
- Deep Subseafloor Biosphere

"Ridges and Hotspots around the Mascarene Island" international conference
3-7 September 2012, Bel Ombre, Mauritius

GEOCEAN: Geodynamic processes and biochemical interactions at seafloor spreading ridges: A Symposium in tribute to Jean Francheteau and Summer School
August 27-31st 2012, Brest, France

The metal potential of a slow-spreading ridge segment
April 19-20th 2012, Kiel, Germany

10 – 12 April 2012, Galway, Ireland


Ocean Mantle Dynamics: From Spreading Center to Subduction Zone
2-6 October 2011, Tokyo, Japan

Circum-Antarctic Ridges 
28-30 Sept 2011, Toulouse, France

EGU Special Session: Biogeochemical function and diversity of chemosynthetic deep sea ecosystems
3-8 April 2011, Vienna, Austria

Geological Carbon Capture & Storage in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
8-10 January 2011, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Long Range Exploration of the Ridge Crests
28-30 June 2010, NOC Southampton, UK

Workshop Report: The Mohole: a Crustal Journey and Mantle Quest"
4-8 June 2010, Kanazawa, Japan

Design of Marine Protected Areas for Chemosynthetic Ecosystems Potentially Threatened by Human Activities in the Deep Sea
1-4 June 2010, CRESCO, Dinard, France
Dinard Report

AGU Chapman Conference on "Detachments in Oceanic Lithosphere"
8–16 May 2010, Cyprus


4th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems29 June - 3 July 2009, Okinawa, Japan 

Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life: Workshop for Scientific Ocean Drilling
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Deep-Sea Mining Workshop and Colloquium
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Brief workshop summary
PDF file: InterRidge Seafloor Mineralization Working Group - 2009 Meeting Report

Ridge 2000 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 35 - 37.5 N Workshop
Click here for workshop report

2007 - 3rd InterRidge Theoretical Institute: Biogeochemical Interactions at Deep-Sea Vents
Click here for workshop report

2007 - Russian Ridge Workshop '07
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2007 - International Data Exchange Workshop
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2006 - Polar Ridges Workshop
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Mission Moho, Sept. 2006
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Mission Moho Workshop Report

2005 - MoMar
Click here for Proceedings of the III MoMAR Workshop

2005 - Tectonic and Oceanic Processes along the Indian Ridge System
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2003 - Ridge-Hotspot Interaction Symposium and Workshop
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2002 - MoMar
Click here for Proceedings of the II MoMAR Workshop

2000 - Management and Conservation of Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems
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1998 - Mapping and Sampling the Arctic Ridges Workshop
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1996 - Ocean Lithosphere & Scientific Drilling into the 21st Century
Symposium Summary

1996 - Mid-Atlantic Ridge Symposium
Symposium Summary

1995 - Biological Studies Ad Hoc Committee Workshop Summary
Workshop Summary

1994 - Arctic Ridges Workshop
Workshop Summary
Workshop Report

1993 - Back-Arc Basin Studies Workshop
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1993 - Investigation of the Global System of Mid-Ocean Ridges
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