InterRidge News Volume 14 - 2005

- Letter from the Chair - C. Devey

Info from the Office
- Coordinator Update - Katja Freitag

- The current InterRidge working groups and their chairs

International Research
Pacific Ridges
- The Pacific-Antarctic Ridge between 41 15'S and 52 45'S: Surveying and sampling during the PACANTARCTIC2 cruise - L. Dasso et al.

- Nested-scale investigation of Tectonic windows into super-fast spread crust exposed at the Pito Deep Rift, Easter Microplate, SE Pacific - J.A. KArsen et al.

- The Hard Yards: Deep basement drilling of an in-situ section of oceanic crust formed at a superfast spreading rate. Recent results from IODP Expedition 309 to hole 1256D, Eastern Equatorial Pacific - D.A.H. Teagle et al.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge
-Active source electromagnetic survey of hydrothermal venting areas at the Saldanha Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge - the CD 167/2004 cruise - Z. Dzhatieva et al.

- New hydrothermal sites at 13N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge - V. Bel'tenev et al.

- A comparative study of MAR hydrothermal fields found in different geodynamic settings: Preliminary results of the 50th cruise (August - September 2005) of R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh - A. Sagalevich et al.

- Hydrothermal plume dynamics at MAR sites - direct observations - D.L. Aleynik et al.

Geology Contributions
- Granites in the Oceanic Lithosphere: their origin and geodynamic setting - S. Silantyev et al.

- Current initiatives on teh arc-continent convergence in the Central Philipines - G.P. Yumul Jr. et al.

Biology Contributions
- Alvinella consortium: a large scale sequencing project at the French Genoscope - O. Lecompte et al.

- Growing international diplomatic interst in hydrothermal vents and deep-sea geentic resources - D. Leary

- GISdeRidge: Development of a multi-scale, seamless, unified, web-based GeoInformation System (WebGIS) for public accessibility through standards-compliant extensions of the WorldDataCenter MARE - A. Schaefer

- ChEssBase: a central source of information fro species from deep-water chemosynthetic ecosystems - fusion with teh InterRidge biological database and integration with OBIS - E. Ramirez-Llodra et al.

National News

Working Group Updates
- Hotspot-Ridge Interactiona Working Group - J. Lin & J. Dyment

- Mid-Ocean Ridge Ecosystems (MORE) - F. Gaill

- Biogeochemical Interactions at Deep-Sea Vents - N. LeBRis

Education and Outreach
- InterRidge launces new education outreach project - Science Writer at Sea - K.M. Kusek

- Education and Outreach - Promoting Ridge Science in India - R. Drolia

Other InterRidge News
- InterRidge Workshop "Tectonics and OCeanic Processes along the Indian Ridge System" - K.A. Kamesh Raju & A. Mudholkar

- InterRidge workshops and Outstanding Student Poster Awards for 2005 - K. Frietag

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Upcoming Events

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National Correspondants

Steering Committee Members