SO-216, Manus Basin, June 2011

Between June 14 and July 23 of 2011 a science team lead by Wolfgang Bach of the MARUM research center in Bremen used the German research vessel SONNE for hydrothermal studies in the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea. During the transits and in the Manus Basin, bathymetric maps of the seafloor were produced. In the study area, the ROV MARUM-QUEST was used to map and sample hydrothermal vent systems in water depths between 1150 and 1800 meters below sealevel. Quest can document venting with HD photos and videos and take samples of rocks, fauna, and fluids. The international team of scientist onboard included geologists, geochemists, microbiologists, ecologists, and biogeochemists. The main goal was examinations of the numerous and varied vents with specific focus on interactions between geochemical and biological processes.

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The participation of student Adam Schaen in the cruise was made possible through the InterRidge travel bursary.  Read his report in the InterRidge News 2011 and at: