Deep Earth Sampling

Objective: This group was formed at the start of the Next Decade Program. Its specific aim is to strengthen the ties to, and use of, global deep earth sampling facilities such as IODP, ICDP etc.

The working group, through international meetings and planning sessions will develop a long term plan for the drilling by conducting and participating in long term planning for ocean and continental drilling. This Working Group will organize the preparation of specific drilling proposals for submission to the Integrated ocean drilling program, monitor the progress of the program, and identify and encourage key groups of proponents.

Themes: Drilling of Active Hydrothermal Systems; Evaluation of Zero-age Ocean Crust and Axial Mantle; Exploring The Deep Biosphere; Drilling in Ophiolites; an International Crustal Penetration Drilling Project

Chair - Benoit Ildefonse (CNRS/ISTEEM)
Group Members - Peter B. Kelemen (Columbia University); Mathilde Cannat (CNRS); Jay Miller (IODP); Jan M. Peter (Geological Survey of Canada); Chris J. MacLeod (University of Wales, Cardiff); Wolfgang Bach (University of Bremen); Katrina Edwards (University of Southern California); Yasuhiko Ohara (Hydrographic & Oceanographic Dept of Japan); Henry J. B. Dick (WHOI); Damon A.H. Teagle (National Oceanography Centre); Douglas R. Toomey (University of Oregon); Kathryn Gillis (University of Victoria), Susumu Umino (University of Shizuoka), & Huaiyang Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Update 2010

Deep Earth Sampling Report for 2010
Chair – Benoit Ildefonse (CNRS, Univ. Montpellier 2, France)

The MoHole: a Crustal Journey and Mantle Quest

The 2010 MoHole workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, followed on from several recent scientific planning meetings on ocean lithosphere drilling, in particular the Mission Moho Workshop in 2006 (Christie et al., 2006; Ildefonse et al., 2007), and the "Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life" meeting in 2009 (Teagle et al., 2009). These previous meetings eached consensus that a deep hole through a complete section of fast‐spread ocean crust is a renewed priority for the ocean lithosphere community.

Japanese-French Frontier of Science Symposium

Benoit Ildefonse will be chairing the Earth/Environment session at
the next Japanese-French Frontier of Science Symposium in January 2010.
These meetings are multidisciplinary (physics, biology, mathematics, social
sciences, etc...), and all participants attend all sessions. The theme of
the Earth/Environment session this year will be deep-sea resources.

News flash from Deep Earth Sampling WG: Follow-up to INVEST Workshop

Following the IODP INVEST Workshop, several members of the IODP community, including Benoît Ildefonse, Chair of the Deep Earth Sampling Working Group, and Catherine Mével, former member of the InterRidge Steering Committee, were interviewed by the journal Nature about the future of ocean drilling. Link to the news item "Experts draw up ocean-drilling wish list" in Nature, Vol. 461, 1 Oct. 2009, p. 578-579:

IODP Thematic Review on Ocean Crust Formation and Structure

The Thematic Review on "Oceanic Crustal Structure and Formation: IODP and ODP Achievements November 2002 - December 2005" is now posted at the IODP website ( and as a PDF file listed below. As stated in the Executive Summary, "The formation and alteration of the oceanic lithosphere are important components of the Solid Earth Cycles and Geodynamics theme of the IODP Initial Science Plan (ISP).

Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life: Workshop for Scientific Ocean Drilling

07/27/2009 00:00
07/29/2009 17:00

Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life: Challenges for the next generation of scientific ocean drilling into the oceanic lithosphere A workshop to benchmark achievements and plan future investigations of the Formation and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere and its Role within the Earth System National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK, 27-29 July 2009

* NEW * Workshop report available

2008 Update

Deep Earth Sampling
Working Group Update 2008

B. Ildefonse, Working Group Chair

The WG for Deep Earth Sampling has one new member in 2008: Huaiyang Zhou (Tongji University, China).

ECORD Summer School 2009: Geodynamics of mid-ocean ridges

08/31/2009 00:00
09/11/2009 17:00

ECORD Summer School 2009: Geodynamics of mid-ocean ridges
August 31 - September 11, 2009
MARUM, University of Bremen (Germany)
Application deadline: 31 May 2009

InterRidge is co-sponsoring this summer school to help reduce the registration fee and encourage PhD students to attend. Participation is open to the international community.

Deep Earth Sampling WG Discussion

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