7th International Symposium for Subsurface Microbiology

11/16/2008 11:00
11/21/2008 11:00

7th International Symposium for Subsurface Microbiology
16-21 November 2008, Shizuoka, Japan

The application of molecular approaches to the study of subsurface microbial ecology has been most encouraging in the past decade. As would naturally be expected - the deeper we delve the more diverse the discoveries.

Scientific Sessions (status of 30th May, 2008):
1. Microbes in aquifer: nature, contamination and its biotechnological alteration.
2. Evolution of geochemical and microbiological systems (Convener: Ken Takai, Member of InterRidge Working Group on Biogeochemical Interaction at Deep-Sea Vents).
3. Search for life in Mars and other environments (Convener: Takeshi Naganuma, InterRidge Member).
4. Interaction between surface and subsurface in terrestrial and marine systems.
5. Meta-genomics and its future in geobiology.
6. Geological radioactive waste disposal and subsurface microbiology.
7. Subseafloor microbial life and biosphere.
8. Petroleum and gas hydrate.
9. Technology for subsurface sciences (Convener: Hiroyuki Yamamoto, InterRidge Member).

Abstract submission deadline for oral presentation REVISED: 30 June 2008.
Abstract submission deadline for poster REVISED: 16 July 2008.