Marine Conservation Summer Institute


The Marine Conservation Summer Institute will immerse students in the world of marine conservation biology and policy, giving them a set of basic tools for addressing and understanding issues of conserving marine biodiversity in the context of 21st Century society and the ‘anthropocene’ epoch. The Institute is set in the vibrant educational and research setting of the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina.

The five-week course consists of three weeks of plenary lectures, field trips and activities, and two intensive week-long modules intertwined in weeks two and four and led by experts in the field. Plenary weeks and modules will be focused on hands-on, team-based, experiential learning with meaningful faculty-student engagement that are hallmarks of the educational environment at the Marine Laboratory. Students will be in the field and at the discussion table, learning the basic tools of conservation biology and policy in the plenary weeks and delving deeply into special topics with experts during the module weeks.

Modules for 2014 are:
1) Deep Sea Conservation (Van Dover) & International Oceans Law (Kraska)
2) Conservation of Marine Mammals & Sea Turtles (Read) & Domestic Oceans Law (Roady)

Learning Objectives

  • Apply fundamental concepts of conservation biology and policy
  • Appreciate threats to biodiversity and strategies to preserve it
  • Analyze key concepts of social science and law involved in conservation

Skill Sets

  • Effecting change, understanding process
  • Mechanics of policy development
  • Organizational behavior and misbehavior
  • Negotiation dynamics
  • Understand roles and parameters

2014 Themes

  • Human Dimensions and the Marine Environment
  • Deep-Sea Conservation & International Ocean Governance
  • Invasive Species
  • Marine Vertebrate Conservation & US Oceans Law