Geologische Vereinigung

10/03/2007 18:00
10/05/2007 18:00

This year’s annual ‘Geologische Vereinigung’ meeting in Bremen has the Theme “The Ocean in the Earth System”. The meeting runs from October 1 to 5 with sessions being held from October 3 to 5.

10 International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society

11/19/2007 18:00
11/23/2007 18:00

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to attend the upcoming Rio2007 Conference and Exhibition, the Tenth International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society (X CISBGf) to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from November 19 - 23, 2007.

The X CISBGf is also sponsored by the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG), the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and the Union Latin American Geophysicists (ULG).

InterRidge Sessions at the 10th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society

10th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 19-23, 2007

Field trip to Corsica

09/16/2007 16:58
09/21/2007 16:58

Field trip to Corsica (France) from 16th to 21st September 2007 organized by the Italian Working Group on Mediterranean Ophiolites (G.L.O.M.)

The field trip will focus on the ophiolites from the Jurassic Ligurian Tethys which are considered as on-land analogues of modern ultraslow-spreading ridges and on the metamorphic history of the European continental margin of the Ligurian Tethys represented by the Tenda massif. Anyone interested in participating please email to Alessandra Montanini (

Sixth Italian Forum of Earth Sciences 2007

09/12/2007 00:00
09/14/2007 17:00

Geoitalia 2007
Rimini, Italy
12th-14th September 2007

There will be a thematic session on Ophiolites and Modern Oceanic Lithosphere that will be held at the Sixth Italian Forum of Earth Sciences which will be followed by a field trip to Corsica ophiolites (16th-21nd September 2007).

InterRidge Steering Committee Meeting

11/17/2007 20:00
11/18/2007 20:00

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17 - 18 November 2007

The InterRidge Steering Committee meeting will be held in Rio de Janeiro on the 17-18th November 2007. This meeting is only open to IR Steering Committee members, the InterRidge office, and the Working Group chairs.

When available, the Steering Committee report from this meeting will be available on the Science Publications page.

2007 Goldschmidt Conference

08/19/2007 00:00
08/24/2007 17:00

Goldschmidt 2007 - "atoms to planets"
August 19 - 24, 2007
Cologne, Germany

Conference Information

The Goldschmidt Conference is the premier annual meeting in geochemistry. The 17th annual meeting will be held in August 2007 at the University of Cologne in Germany and will be in association with the Annual Meeting of the German Mineralogical Society. This will be the second German Goldschmidt, following the 1996 meeting in Heidelberg.

From Rift to Ridge '07

06/28/2007 00:00
06/29/2007 17:00

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
A workshop dedicated to North Atlantic rift - drift evolution under the influence of the Iceland Hotspot

Fundamental scientific question to be addressed
How does a hotspot influence the development of an oceanic basin from rifting through to mid-ocean ridge spreading?

Why is this important?
Mantle influence on rifting and break-up geometries
Understanding mantle circulation and hotspot phenomena
Consequences for crustal-scale horizontal and vertical tectonics

Ocean Continent Transition workshop

09/19/2007 00:00
09/21/2007 17:00

Ocean Continent Transition Workshop
Paris – France
Institut Océanographique
195, rue Saint-Jacques - 75005 Paris

September, Wednesday 19th - Friday 21st, 2007
Mercredi 19 - Vendredi 21 Septembre 2007

International meeting organized by the "Académie des Sciences"
Conférence Internationale organisée par l'Académie des Sciences

Aim of the meeting

- Summarize the latest developments, newest concepts and key results obtained from the OCT of passive margins (both observational and modelling).

Getting to WHOI

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