Cruise Bursaries

Cruise bursary available: Nascent Inter-Ridge Volcanism And Neotectonic Activity (TAN1213:NIRVANA) - now closed

A voyage to the Kermadec arc and Havre Trough on the research vessel Tangaroa will be conducted in October 2012. This is a multidisciplinary voyage that aims to: 1) acquire multichannel seismic reflection data on Kermadec arc ridges, including a pseudo-3-dimensional experiment on Brothers Volcano; 2) collect multibeam echo-sounder data – including the entire water column - over seamounts and rifts; and 3) collect rock and biological specimens from Havre Trough rifts.

Six InterRidge cruise bursary students currently on cruises

Six InterRidge-funded students are currently participating on cruises in the Pacific and Atlantic, courtesy of InterRidge's cruise bursary scheme.

Berta Biescas-Gorriz (Dalhousie University), Guillermo Bornstein and Jhon Fredy Mojica-Moncada (both at CSIC, Barcelona) are participating in Suzanne Carbotte's cruise to the Juan de Fuca plate as part of a complex program involving both the R/V Langseth and the R/V Oceanus. Details at:

Cruise bursary available for Tasmantid Seamounts cruise

Funding is available through the InterRidge Cruise Bursary scheme for the following cruise:

Southern Surveyor expedition ss2012_v07
"Tasmantid Seamounts: volcanic, tectonic, and carbonate record" (24 Nov - 19 Dec 2012)

Further details will be announced soon but please show initial interest by contacting the InterRidge Office (

Current opportunities

In all cases, send a completed application form, ( CV and letter of support from your advisor to the InterRidge Coordinator


Cruise bursary available for HYDROBS_MOMAR2 cruise

An InterRidge cruise bursary is available for an early-career scientist, to allow participation on the HYDROBS-MOMAR2 cruise in July-August 2012, the Chief Scientist being Julie Perrot. Details of the bursary and an application form can be found at: and should be sent to the InterRidge Offce (

Cruise berth available for early career scientist - closed

This oppportunity has been filled.

Cruise bursaries available

InterRidge invites early career scientists to apply for a cruise travel bursary. EITHER identify a cruise you wish to be part of and contact the PI to see if a berth is available, then fill in the application form, OR complete the application form and the IR Office will attempt to find a cruise for you.

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List of 2012 cruises

Recipients of InterRidge Cruise Travel Bursaries

Bursary recipient

New collaboration facilitated by cruise bursary award

A new collaboration will begin in November when Adrien Bronner, a PhD student at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, joins the team led by Jo Whittaker, on the Southern Surveyor to the Perth Abyssal Plain.

InterRidge Cruise Travel Bursary - new award

The InterRidge Office is pleased to announce that it has awarded a cruise travel bursary to Adam Schaen. Adam is studying geochemistry at Bridgewater State University, USA and will be collaborating with Dr. Wolfgang Bach, University of Bremen, on a research cruise to the Eastern Manus Basin. During this collaboration, isobaric gas-tight samplers will be used to collect high-temperature vent fluids, which will undergo chemical and isotopic analysis. Adam will study how interactions between rocks and vent fluid-seawater mixtures modify the compositions of diffuse fluids.