InterRidge fördert die interdisziplinäre und internationale Forschung an den ozeanischen Spreizungszentren durch die Bildung einer weltweiten Forschungsgemeinschaft, durch den Austausch wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse und die gemeinsame Nutzung von neuen Technologien und Einrichtungen sowie durch die Planung und Koordination neuer Forschungsprogramme, die die Möglichkeiten einzelner Nationen übersteigen. InterRidge sucht ständig den Kontakt zur Öffentlichkeit, zu Wissenschaftlern und Regierungen und fungiert als Sprachrohr für die weltweite Forschungsgemeinde, die an ozeanischen Spreizungszentren arbeitet.

Spare berths - short deadlines!

1) Cruise AXIAL aboard the R/V Marcus Langseth Summer 2019

Short report from the 25th Annual Session of the International Seabed Authority

InterRidge was represented by its co-Chair Jérôme Dyment at the first part (25 February – 1 March) of the 25th session of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) held in Kingston (Jamaica).

First iMOVE workshop - short summary

The first InterRidge workshop of 2019 saw the iMOVE working group gather in Bergen, Norway from February 6-8 for their inaugural workshop. iMOVE, which stands for integrated Multidisciplinary Observations in Vent Environments, aims to bring together ridge crest observatory operators and scientists to facilitate data and technology transfer and sharing, and develop new research ideas.

Call for bids to host the next InterRidge Office, 2020-2022

In January 2020 the InterRidge Office is due to rotate under the appointment of a new Chair. All interested Members of InterRidge are invited to submit bids to host the new office and nominations for the new Chair.

Spare berth on SMARTIES Cruise

French research cruise SMARTIES of RV “Pourquoi Pas?” and deep-sea submersible “Nautile” will take place between 12 July and 24 August 2019 on the intersection of the Mid-Atlandtic Ridge axis and the Romanche Transform Fault. Port calls will be on the Cape Verde Islands.

Review paper published by the "Hydrothermal energy transfer and the ocean carbon cycle" SCOR-IR WG members

Le Bris N, Yücel M, Das A, Sievert SM, LokaBharathi P and Girguis PR (2019) Hydrothermal Energy Transfer and Organic Carbon Production at the Deep Seafloor. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:531. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00531

This review has been initiated from the works of the SCOR-InterRidge working group “Hydrothermal energy transfer and the ocean carbon cycle” lead by N. Le Bris and C. R. German, with P. Lokabharathi, S.M. Sievert, and P. Girguis also being members.

"Critical raw materials based on marine minerals: New frontiers and challenges" session at Goldschmidt 2019

Javier Gonzalez, Pierre Josso and Irene Zananiri are excited to announce that they will be hosting a session at Goldschmidt 2019 in Barcelona (18 – 23 of August 2019) entitled:

“Critical raw materials based on marine minerals: New frontiers and challenges”

InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019

The InterRidge Office is pleased to announce the launch of call for Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in 2019. As part of InterRidge’s mission to promote international, collaborative, and interdisciplinary studies of oceanic spreading centers, we invite proposals for InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowships of up to 5000 US$ each.

Working Group on Seamounts and Islands - workshop information

The first workshop of the IR Working group on mid-ocean ridge islands and seamounts will be convened over three days (19 to 21 September 2019) in which participants will be able to exchange thoughts on priorities for research on seamounts and islands near to mid-ocean ridges. It will cover all geological, biology and oceanographic processes. The workshop will be hosted by the Instituto Hidrográfico, Lisbon (Portugal), within the beautiful grounds of a previous convent (Convento Trinas).

Meet InterRidge at AGU 2018, let funding agencies know you need InterRidge!

Meet InterRidge at AGU 2018, let funding agencies know you need InterRidge!

Jérôme Dyment, one of the two InterRidge co-chairs, is participating to the AGU meeting during the whole week.  If you have ideas to share about how InterRidge - with its limited budget - can better help you, your research, and your community, feel free to contact us at or Jérôme in person at the meeting.

At a time funding agencies are having difficulties to contribute to the program, feel free to drop a short message to let us (and eventually them) know how much you need InterRidge!  Your contribution is appreciated.