Call for Nominations for the ISA Secretary-General Award for Excellence in Deep Sea Research

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is explicitly mandated to promote and encourage the conduct of marine scientific research in the Area (UNCLOS, art.143), and accordingly, the coordination and dissemination of the results of such research analysis. In line with the above, the ISA Secretary-General Award for Research Excellence is one of seven voluntary commitments made by the Authority at the 2017 UN Ocean Conference.

The annual Award is intended to recognize and encourage the achievements of young researchers (under 35 years of age) from developing countries who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge of the deepsea environment or to the development of environmentally sustainable regulatory frameworks.

A five-member Advisory Committee recognized for their expertise in the field of: deep-sea science (natural and/or applied); social sciences and humanities with experience in the law of the sea; international law and management of marine resources has been appointed by the Secretary-General to consider and evaluate all nominations.

For further information on the Award guidelines and eligibility criteria, visit the Authority’s website.

The deadline for nominations is 15 April 2018. All nominations should be emailed to