Pre-AGU workshop on Hard Rock drilling by CHIKYU

Dear all who are interested in Hard Rock drilling into the ocean floor,

We would like to announce a Pre-AGU workshop on Hard Rock drilling by CHIKYU from 1 PM to 5:30 PM on December 14th in San Francisco. 

The main goals of the workshop are (1) to share information about the current and/or future proposals and related concerns using CHIKYU and (2) to discuss pre proposal on the western Pacific outer rise to be submitted to the IODP in Spring 2015

We also will briefly introduce the results of the International Workshop for Large-scale Research Cruises on 6-7b Nov, 2014, at JAMSTEC.


We encourage people interested in all aspects of oceanic plate systems to attend. If you would like to attend the workshop or have questions, please email:

The list of scientific topics and presenters, in no particular order, will be updated here as they become available:

Tentative schedule

1. Introduction: Hard Rock drillings, results of Large-scale workshop and information about the current Moho to Mantle (M2M) proposal by Tomoaki MORISHITA
2. Oman Drilling by Peter KELEMEN
3. Technical Developments by CDEX
4. IBM by Yoshi TAMURA
5. Cocos outer rise by Jason MORGAN
6. J-Track  (Tracking Tsunamigenic Slips in the Japan Trench) by Shunichi KODAIRA
7. Western Pacific outer rise by Gou FUJIE, Yoichiro OBANA
8. Workshop report on western Pacific outer rise by Natsue ABE
9. Discussion

Title: Oceanic Plate Drilling Workshop: Ridge to Subduction

Workshop Agenda
12:30   Registration
13:00      Introductions-workshop goals
โ€”โ€” Please check web page (will be updated as the list of scientific topics and presenters will be fixed):
17:00      Summary
17:30      Closing

222 Mason Street, San Francisco, California 94102, U.S.A.
The Hotel Nikko is accessible by BART and MUNI public transit lines, and also in walking distance of many hotels around


Benoit Ildefonse (Montpellier University)
Peter B. Kelemen (LDEO)
Damon A.H. Teagle (University of Southampton)
Natsue Abe (JAMSTEC)
Tomoaki Morishita (Kanazawa University)