Cruise bursary available for OCEANOGRAFLUX cruise to MAR, June 2013

The Chief Scientists on the OCEANOGRAFLUX cruise are offering  a spare berth to an early-career scientist and InterRidge is supporting this with a cruise bursary, which will pay for the person's flights and a hotel night if necessary. There are no other costs onboard.

The goal of the study is to track off-axis hydrothermal circulations using heat-flow measurements (about 250 POGO type measurements) and interstitial fluid chemistry in sediment cores (about 30 Küllenberg cores are planned). There will be also CHIRP processing during the transits. The study area is south Azores at 35 °N just south of Oceanographer FZ. The cruise is scheduled from June 9th to July 8th, but it could be shifted by a few days.

You can download the pdf of the project (in French... but you'll find an operations map) at this address:

If you need more details in some aspects, feel free to contact us.
Francis Lucazeau
Mathilde Cannat

Applications should be sent to the Coordinator at the InterRidge Office  (, which should include:

Deadline: 19th March 2013