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Start: 06/26/2007 12:00
End: 06/29/2007 12:00

GEOTRACES Workshop Pacific Basin Cruise Planning Meeting – Hawaii 26-29 June 2007

GEOTRACES will host a planning workshop to define the scientific objectives, and to develop a strategy to achieve those objectives, for the Pacific Ocean. The workshop will be held at the University of Hawaii, on 26-29 June 2007.

Start: 06/28/2007 00:00
End: 06/29/2007 17:00

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
A workshop dedicated to North Atlantic rift - drift evolution under the influence of the Iceland Hotspot

Fundamental scientific question to be addressed
How does a hotspot influence the development of an oceanic basin from rifting through to mid-ocean ridge spreading?

Why is this important?
Mantle influence on rifting and break-up geometries
Understanding mantle circulation and hotspot phenomena
Consequences for crustal-scale horizontal and vertical tectonics