Working Group on Seamounts and Islands - workshop information

The first workshop of the IR Working group on mid-ocean ridge islands and seamounts will be convened over three days (19 to 21 September 2019) in which participants will be able to exchange thoughts on priorities for research on seamounts and islands near to mid-ocean ridges. It will cover all geological, biology and oceanographic processes. The workshop will be hosted by the Instituto Hidrográfico, Lisbon (Portugal), within the beautiful grounds of a previous convent (Convento Trinas). A provisional structure for the three days is:

19 September - introductory talks and poster session covering all areas
20 September - breakout groups by subject area
21 September - breakout groups by field area (multidisciplinary)

Please contact the convenors below if you wish to join the workshop.

We have some funding generously provided by the Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR) for bursaries to support the attendance of a small number of developing-country early-career researchers to the workshop (for a definition of developing-country for this purpose, please see: If you wish to be considered for one of these, please send the following to neil.mitchell "at" before the deadline of 1 April 2019:

Curriculum vitae
Abstract of poster presentation
Statement of what you intend to contribute to the workshop and what you will gain from it
A letter of support from a supervisor or mentor
Statement of costs for attending and any other funding available to you for the attendance

Please contact one of the convenors any further information on the meeting (replace "at" with @): neil.mitchell "at", rui.quartau "at" or christoph.beier "at"