Maps for the InterRidge Vents Database as of the end of 2009 are available for download.

Interactive map (KML file) for download and display in Google Earth: vents_interridge_2009_all.kml

Click for KML file displayed in Google Maps
KML file contains the same subset of information available in GeoMapApp> Datasets > Oceanic Hydrothermal Vents > Global Vent Distribution - InterRidge.

Static map, Robinson projection (low resolution displayed below):
Credits: S. Beaulieu, K. Joyce, and S.A. Soule (WHOI), 2010;
Funding from InterRidge and Morss Colloquium Program at WHOI.
Sources: InterRidge Vents Database, Version 2.0, release date 5 Mar. 2010; University of Texas PLATES Project plate boundary shapefiles;World EEZ GIS shapefiles, Version 5.0, Oct. 2009, from the VLIZ Maritime Boundaries Geodatabase.
Map download: JPG (1.9MB), PDF (2.6MB), EPS (8.5MB)

Ventmap_2009.eps8.31 MB
Ventmap_2009.pdf2.53 MB
Ventmap_2009.jpg1.88 MB