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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
KT09-16 N. Pacific Mariana Trough Sunamura, M. 2009
School of Rock 2009 (Expedition 321T) N. Pacific JdF Ridge A. Fisher 2009
Installation cruise, Leg 1 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Best, M. 2009
MGL0910 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Toomey, D. 2009
RR0915 N. Pacific Lau Basin D Wiens; N.Seama 2009
BPR 1 Indian Carlsberg Ridge Mudholkar, Abhay V. 2009
RR0915 S. Pacific Lau Basin Wiens, Conder, Dunn, Menke, Webb 2009
MGL0903 S. Pacific Lau Basin Dunn, Condor, Menke, Wiens 2009
DY115-20 Leg 6 Indian SWIR Tao, C. 2009
DY115-20 Leg 5 Indian SWIR Tao, C. 2009
DY115-20 Leg 7 Indian SWIR Tao, C. 2009
needID Indian needPI 2009
needID N. Atlantic N MAR needPI 2009
AT15-51 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Fisher, A.; Lee, R. 2009
YK09-13-2 Indian CIR Nakamura, K.; Nakagawa, S. 2009
GEISEIR Indian SEIR Hemond, C. 2009
NT0902 N. Pacific Izu-Bonin Arc Tamura, Y. 2009
YK09-13 Leg2 Indian CIR K. Nakamura 2009
AT 15-54 N. Pacific Lizarralde, D. 2009
NT09-10 Leg 2. N. Pacific Okinawa Trough T. Yamanaka 2009
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge R. McDuff 2009
North Pond Expedition N. Atlantic N MAR Edwards, K.; Bach, W.; Wheat, G. 2009
TN235 S. Pacific Lau Basin Fisher, C.; Gurguis, P.; Luther, G.W. 2009
AT15-58 N. Pacific N EPR M. Cormier; S. Nooner; M. Bright 2009
AT 15-47 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Holden, J.; Lilley, M.; Embley, R. 2009
MSM10/3 N. Atlantic N MAR Dubilier, N. 2009
MGL0902 S. Pacific Lau Basin Bohnenstiehl, D. 2009
TN236 S. Pacific Lau Basin Reysenbach, A.; Tivey, M.K. 2009
JR224, ChEsSo Southern East Scotia Ridge Larter, R. 2009
YK09-13-1 Indian CIR Tamaki, K. 2009