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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
JC050 N. Atlantic N. White 2010
Need ID S. Pacific Galapagos Rift K. Harpp 2010
KM1007 S. Pacific Lau Basin D. Bohnenstiehl 2010
Need ID N. Pacific Mariana Arc W. Chadwick 2010
KT10-22 T. Yamanaka 2010
Need ID S. Pacific Galapagos Rift J. Sinton 2010
SO208 S. Pacific Galapagos Rift R. Werner 2010
AT15-66 N. Pacific JdF Ridge J. Cowan 2010
NT10-17 N. Pacific Okinawa Trough S. Kawagucci 2010
IODP 330 S. Pacific Kermadec Arc A. Koppers; T. Yamazaki 2010
KARMA Leg 1 S. Pacific Kermadec Arc G. Lamarche 2010
COVIS N. Pacific JdF Ridge M. Best; R. Light 2010
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge C. Barnes 2010
Expedition 331 N. Pacific Okinawa Trough K. Takai 2010
AT15-67 N. Pacific JdF Ridge R. Lee; M. Tivey; M. Lilley 2010
AT 15-55 N. Pacific N EPR Reysenbach, A.-L.; Tivey, M.K. 2009
NT09-02 Leg 2 N. Pacific T. Urabe 2009
RR0916 S. Pacific Lau Basin D. Bohnenstieh 2009
TN234 Lau eruption response S. Pacific Lau Basin Resing, J.; Embley, R. 2009
MR08-06, Leg 1, SORA 2009 S. Pacific Chile Rise Abe, N. 2009
IODP 324 N. Pacific W. Sager; T. Sano 2009
AT15-49 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Phibbs 2009
Oases N. Atlantic Mid-Cayman Rise German, C.; Van Dover, C.L. 2009
YK09-05 N. Pacific Izu-Bonin back-arc Ohara, Y. 2009
NT09-11 N. Pacific Okinawa Trough Yamamoto, M. 2009
NW Rota 2009 N. Pacific Mariana Arc Chadwick, W. 2009
ss03/2009 S. Pacific North Fiji Basin L. Danyushevski 2009
YK09-08 N. Pacific Mariana Trough Okino, K. 2009
SO-203 S. Pacific Woodlark Basin Devey, C. 2009
needID S. Pacific Lau Basin Wiens, D. 2009