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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
CYATHERM N. Pacific N EPR needPI 1982
Oasis N. Pacific N EPR needPI 1982
CERE03WT/PASCUA N. Pacific Batiza; Lonsdale 1982
RP-13-SU-82 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Malahoff; R. Embley 1982
CERES Leg 2, CERE02WT N. Pacific N EPR MacDonald, K. 1982
RP-11-SU-81 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Hammond; Malahoff 1981
needID N. Pacific N EPR Avedik, F.; Geli, L. 1981
RC2002 N. Pacific N EPR Herron, T. 1976
V2809 N. Pacific Aitken; Truchan 1971
RC1110 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Epp 1967
RC1109 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Pitman 1967
RC1010 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Fray 1966
V2005 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Luwig 1964
Need ID S. Pacific Tonga Arc R. Arculus