InterRidge Cruise Database

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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
Eq. Atlantic N. Atlantic D. Smith 2012
Need ID S. Pacific Chile Rise C. German; D. Blackman 2012
Need ID S. Atlantic A. Koppers 2012
JR259 Southern East Scotia Ridge P. Leat 2012
Need ID Indian K. Takai 2012
JC080 Southern P. Tyler 2012
KN209-02 N. Atlantic N MAR G. Luther 2012
IOD 340T N. Atlantic N MAR D. Blackman 2012
Axial Volcano N. Pacific JdF Ridge Butterfield 2012
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge M. Tivey 2012
SS2012_v02 S. Pacific Lau Basin D. Arculus 2012
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge S. Carbotte 2012
Need ID N. Atlantic N MAR K. Edwards; W. Bach 2012
AT21-02 N. Atlantic N MAR C. Van Dover 2012
ss2011_v06 Indian J. Whittaker 2011
Need ID N. Pacific Okinawa Trough Need ID 2011
IODP 336 N. Atlantic N MAR K. Edwards; W. Bach 2011
Need ID S. Pacific Lau Basin KORDI 2011
Poseidon 407 Red Sea C. Devey 2011
Sonne 213 S. Pacific Pacific-Antarctic Ridge K. Haase 2011
TN269 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Pautet, Dewey 2011
Need ID N. Pacific Mariana Arc R. Stern 2011
VENTuRE N. Atlantic N MAR A. Wheeler; B. Murton 2011
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge Scholin 2011
AT18-09 N. Pacific JdF Ridge N. Farr; H. Johnson; M. Tivey 2011
Need ID N. Atlantic Mid-Cayman Rise C. German; P. Tyler 2011
AT18-12 N. Pacific N EPR S. Nooner 2011
JC66 Indian SWIR A. Rogers 2011
GALREX 2011 S. Pacific Galapagos Rift Need PIs 2011
AT18-10 N. Pacific L. Levin 2011